Great Links

Microsoft oriented:

The links below are just some of the great resources available on online. I try to catch up on these whenever I can as they are published by some of the most well known authorities in the work of Microsoft Business Intelligence. Many of the thse people are MVPs and have published books:

Microsoft Business Intelligence Blog – by Patrick Husting. Active in the community.

BI Lingual – by Nick Barclay. Very knowledgable guy… i have received training from him too! He’s Australian but living in the US now i believe

Alan Whitehouse’s Ramblings – You can find some cutting edge stuff here.

Chris Webb’s BI Blog – One of the UKs top authoritys on MS BI

Darren Gosbell’s Random Procrastination – Darren is involved in the award winning BIDS Helper utlity amongst other things

Establish. Execute. Evolve. – by Adrian Downes, another Australian.

Howard @ MSFT selling BI – by Howard Morgenstern. Handy tech tips are just the start of what is found here.

Jason Morales’ Microsoft BI Update – Good place to find out about future directions, whitepapers

PerformancePoint Server 2007 – by Troy Scott. pretty much dedicated to PPS

Robert Bruckner’s Advanced Reporting Services Blog
some very clever stuff for SSRS. Thinks outside the box!

SQLBI – by Marco Russo. Top resource!

Report Surfer Blog – Some great SSRS tips with full source.


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  1. bhavikmerchant says:

    i need to update this with some current links around Sharepoint 2010.. more focused on BI of course

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