Streaming Shoutcast to the PS3 with PS3 Media Server

August 10, 2009

Most PS3 owners will no no doubt be familiar with the media capabilities of the console. I was using the very capable TVersity media server for some time.. until recently! Problems i had with tversity were the fact that it needs to index media to keep in its internal catalog, the user interface is a littly flaky and that you need to restart the service if you reboot your computer otherwise the PS3 cannot see it (Windows Vista/7). Also i wasnt able to successfully use any shoutcast streams… kept on getting the famous “The data is corrupted” message.

So this weekend i did some research and discovered the Java based PS3 Media Server. I must say i was very impressed – the entire setup and configuration took me 5 minutes. Adding a shoutcast stream was a manual config file edit, but as easy as this.

This server reads the filesystem directly so there is no need to rescan the hard drives and update a catalog when you add new media. Shoutcast works great and the PS3 picks up the media server all the time.