Missing “Report Library” template in Sharepoint 2010

When working with the BI features of Sharepoint 2010 you may come across a situation where you configure the SSRS Integration and want to then add a Report Library. If you go to your Libraries and hit Create you get the template selection modal dialog (needs Silverlight installed.)

Here, under the Data category you would expect to see the “Report Library” template along with other BI templates. If you dont, it probably means that you dont have the Enterprise features enabled for the Site or Site Collection. Information on how to solve this issue is not forthcoming on the web. Here is what you need to do to get it to appear.

  1. Go to Central Administration
  2. Click Site Actions -> Site Settings:
  3. Under Site Collection Administration, select “Site Collection Features”
  4. Activate “Sharepoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features”

This should fix your problem and enable the Report Library and other templates, which you can now add to the site. You may need to edit the library to allow the Report content types (effectively allowing the .rdl extension).


9 Responses to Missing “Report Library” template in Sharepoint 2010

  1. Chris Harris says:

    Hmm, I did this on Central Admin, the site collection and the individual site and I still don’t see Report Library. We’ve installed Report Services on the machine and activated it in central admin with the report server. The only three libraries we see are Asset, Document, Picture. http://screencast.com/t/rS1eCG1NVXP7

    • bhavikmerchant says:

      Hi Chris,

      Apologies for the super late reply – i got a new comment from someone else today and then only spotted yours waiting for approval inside WordPress. The original one you did must have gotten spammed 😦

      See the comment from theChriskent below which is also relevant and may be something i forgot to add! If you managed to solve the issue please do post back here for others.

      Its a strange one overall.. since this post, ive seen instances where it just wont come up no matter what. Furthermore, SSRS integration itself is not actually an Enterprise feature, in fact it works in Foundation too. I believe only the Report Library template is part of the Enterprise feature set.

      Im going to do some more testing and will post again! The blog is long overdue for an update 🙂


  2. theChrisKent says:

    You will also need to Activate the “SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Features” under Site Settings > Site Actions > Manage site features

  3. Jude Obiudu says:


    I am trying to create an assets Library on my test environment but I can’t even get beyond the first step. When I click on More Options >>>> Create, I can’t find “Assets Library” in the options. Other types of features are available such as “Document Library”, ” “Team Sites”, etc.

    I have installed Silverlight and the site is a Team Site.

  4. I love it when people get together and share opinions. Great website, continue the good work!

  5. vzadmin says:


    I’m having the same problem with a client’s SharePoint 2010 Foundation site. Is this feature available in Foundation ?

    The web analytics reports show the document template library to the left as it should but in the intranet site, there are no templates available, just figures.

    Can this be switched on for the Foundation version or is it a feature only available to Enterprise versions?

    Many thanks


    • bhavikmerchant says:

      Hi Nickie,

      Unfortunately i cant seem to work out exactly what you are experiencing from what you have mentioned here.

      SSRS integration is supported in Foundation but other Business Intelligence components are not available.

      I dont work a lot with Foundation, but ive fired up my demo VM and i see that Report Library” template isnt available. However it is simply a container for .xlsx content types. If you are looking to create a library that houses .rdl files you need to customise the content types for the Report Library or a standard Document Library

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