SSIS 2008 – Solving DB2 connectivity with manual Connectionstring edits

Yesterday at a client i came across a new situation with SSIS 2008. Well, this wasnt really something to do with SSIS itself, and i am sure this problem could manifest with other ETL tools as well.



Need to build a package that connects to an IBM DB/2 server. The DB/2 connection uses a specifc username and password, embedded in the package, protected with a package password (i.e. not User Key). Build and test this on a developer workstation. Then deploy to formal DEV box for integation testing.


The problem:

So we build the package and tested it successfully locally on a workstation. Once deployed to the formal DEV server we tried to schedule it via a job. This job was setup to use a specific SQL Server proxy with SSIS related permissions granted. All standard thus far.

Now we run the job and find the DB/2 Connection Manager (using the Native IBM OLEDB DB2 provider) is throwing an error. Unfortunately i cant remember the exact SSIS error message and code, but it was along the lines of “could not acquire connection” and the specific error string was “Access is Denied”. This threw us off!

This led me to believe that we had not got our SQL proxy permissions correct or had not deployed the package with sensitive information correctly. So we double checked this on the developer workstation, re-deploying the package using “Rely on Server Storage for Encryption” when deploying. The job ran fine for the developer workstation.

So i got together with a DBA and we ran a DB/2 trace – trying both our job and also a package that was actually developed on the server over RDP. Strangely we could not even get the trace to start with our job, yet the package developed on the server was fine and could read rows from DB/2 and wrote to the trace.

Next we compared connectionstrings and then found the issue!

Our connection string had: Provider=IBMDB2.1

The working package had: Provider=IBMDB2.DB@COPY1


Very strange indeed. Turns out someone had some issues with the DEV server with both the Microsoft and IBM DB2 providers installed at one time. Their package had not worked for some reason so they removed the Microsoft provider but in the process also uninstalled an IBM 32-bit DB2 driver then installed a 64-bit version after. In the process the uninstalls may not have been clean, so the latest install had named the provider IBMDB2.DB2COPY1.


The Temprary Solution:

Edit the connectionstring property of the Connection Manager to match the provider string on ths server, then redeploy. Viola! However this is not a permanent solution. We want to have all environments standard and not have to change the provider name in the connectionstring (even if via configuration). it just feels wrong to do this. Normally only the server location, catalog and authentication details are changed via configs.

If anybody has some experience on how to get the provider fixed on the server i would love to hear the suggestions!


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