SQL Server 11 “Denali” CTP1 – Part 1 – SSMS Changes

The next version of SQL Server, Codename “Denali” had its CTP1 release today. Ive downloaded it and installed on a test VM and thought i would update the blog my experience so far.

Rather than jump under the covers straight away, i referred to the “Whats New” document online as a starting point. This looks to be a little incomplete in some places at the moment. Im going to summarise the bits i found most interesting and relevant to my work i.e. this is not an exhaustive list of all new features. As i looked at each of the features in the documentation i had a play around with some in SSMS or elsewhere.


  • Right off the bat SSMS has had a littble bit of an overhaul.. you will notice new blue background shading and windows are more dockable like in Visual Studio 2010:

  • Something i discovered by mistake is that the dockable items can snap to the side or top of your screen just like any other Windows 7/Server 2008 window.. interesting. This means multi-monitor support is there. As confirmed by Brent Ozar here:

The default font for queries has changed changed to the fixed-width “Consolas” font. I also found it cool that you could CTRL-mouseup or down to zoom, just like Word and other apps. Screenshot shows me zooming to an exaggerated level.. note the Zoom level box in the bottom left:

I will update this post as i discover more new things in SSMS.


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