Setting Up PerformancePoint Services in Sharepoint 2010

May 31, 2010

I recently got very frustrated trying to get PerformancePoint Services to work on a fresh Sharepoint 2010 installation. Dashboard designer just wouldnt connect to the sharepoint site. Event viewer showed errors along the lines of “There are no addresses available for this application”. This same error appeared to affect a lot of other items such as the Secure Store Service, Excel Services etc.

So i eventually got it working and can say the following need to be done. A similar proces will apply to other similar service applications.

  1. The most important step.. and my main problem: make sure your services are enabled at the server level! Central Admin -> (System Settings) ->Manage Services on Server:
  2. Add the Secure Store Service: Central Admin -> (Application Management) ->Manage Services Applications. then Select New -> Secure Store Service. Configuration asks you for a database name and credentials.
  3. Add the PPS service application: Central Admin -> (Application Management) ->Manage Services Applications. then Select New -> PerformancePoint Service Application:
  4. Make sure your Unattended Service Account is configured for PPS!
  5. Start up Dashboard Designer, enter your site URL in the options and off you go!
  6. Last but not least, do an iisreset

Moving an SSRS database to a new server

May 22, 2010

I recently needed to migrate a single server SQL 2005 B.I. solution from one box to another. One problem was that the report folder structure, permisisons and so on had been customised quite a lot so the best choice was to simply move the database across to the new server.

This can be achieved as follows:

1. Backup the ReportServer database on the source server
2. Backup your encryption key on existing installation with the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool found in the SQL Server 2005 | Configuration Tools folder under Windows Start Menu. Place it somewhere you can easily locate it later.
3. Install reporting services on a new server and restore the ReportServer database. You don’t need to restore the tempdb.
4. Run the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool on this new server.
5. Solve any issues you see, configure to run under a domain account with a strong password (as per best practice), and then on Encryption Keys step, restore the key you saved in above step.

Once i had completed this i had a problem, because the target reportserver had already been configured and initialised. The specific error was: Scale-out deployment is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services. (rsOperationNotSupported)

Some research led me to learn about issues with multiple encryption keys in Standard Edition.. and Chuck’s post pointed me to the RsKeyMgmt command line util to fix up my problem.

A simple fix which resulted in my ReportServer database being moved across successfully.