Dynamically Processing SSAS Objects with AMO in SSIS

Ive been meaning to write about my experience with this for some time and now that im finally blogging once again lets not waste any more time!

One of the drawbacks of the “Analysis Services Processing” Task in SSIS in SQL 2005 is that it does not honour dynamic connections i.e. those set at runtime via configurations, variables and/or expressions. Debugging the package will show that the runtime ConnectionString is indeed set, however the design time setting is used! At this time im not sure if this applies to SQL 2008 as well.

The whole point of having dynamic connections is to allow a single package to be used in multiple environments (DEV, TEST, PROD etc) by using configurations to set connections. This caused much frustration to me and it took a few hours of debugging and tracing my SSAS server to figure out what was going on.

I started huting for a better solution and came across the following posts describing the use of a Script Task and Analysis Management Objects (AMO).

This technique works wonderfully and has the added advantage of catering for newly added dimensions automatically if you simply loop over all dimensions in the database. If you dont see the AMO namespace make sure you are patched up to the latest Service Pack. Also be sure to consider if you want to do a full process or not as this is usually not the default setting. Use the ProcessType.ProcessFull parameter to deal with this.


EDIT: If you get the “Type Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server is not defined” error check out this post which guides you on adding a reference to Script Task project


2 Responses to Dynamically Processing SSAS Objects with AMO in SSIS

  1. Karri Rideau says:

    You seem to be a very well versed writer – have you taken any classes or courses? I’m impressed -Karri Rideau

  2. bhavikmerchant says:

    Hi Karri,

    thanks for the praise, much appreciated!

    No i havent taken any formal courses on writing. I guess i have a lot of practice through my consulting work. I document BI environment reviews and other similar pieces of work and one of my aims is to be as clear and concise as possible.

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