PeformancePoint – custom master pages

In some cases you will find that the default master page associated with the PPS dashbaord upon deployment is not suitable. Usually it is because you need additional screen  real estate to properly display the dashboard. All you need to do is create a new master page in Sharepoint Designer in your master catalog. I usually start with a copy of an existing master page.

Note when deploying to a subsite you need to ensure the master page you want to use has been copied to the master page gallery in the subsite.


2 Responses to PeformancePoint – custom master pages

  1. Shriram Rajagopal says:

    Hi Bhaviks,

    Just found your post here. I too did not like the master page for PPS on sharepoint 2010 due to the real estate issue. I copied the Master page and tried to edit it but it does not allow me to remove the left hand side pane which consists of “Dashboards”, “PPS Content” etc in the menu and also it does not allow me to remove the top tool bars. If I remove these, the website stops working giving me a correlation ID error.

    Any clues on this?

    Thanks for your help and support.


    • bhavikmerchant says:

      Hi Shriram,

      I wouldnt recommend removing all navigation from a page as it breaks general usability guidelines. Users can always use the browser Back button but it does break the user experience somewhat. However, if you are desperate for space i can make some suggestions. Firstly you should attach the “Minimal” master page to your dashboard. This one comes with Sharepoint 2010 and already has the left navigation hidden.

      If you really need to remove the top navigation too the trick is not to physically remove that code from the master page but just to hide it using styles. This will prevent corellation ID errors from coming up. Do this:

      1. Open your BI site in Sharepoint Designer
      2. Make a copy of Minimal.master and call it something like NoNav.master
      3. Open the code for NoNav.master and find the following tag:

      4. Change it to this instead: <div id="s4-mini-header" style=”display:none”>
      5. Save the master page and use NoNav.master when deploying dashboards

      A reminder that the first time you deploy a dashboard, Dashboard Designer will dispaly a dialog box asking where to deploy to and what master page to use. Thereafter you can still change the master page attached to the dashboard in Dashboard Designer in its properties tab.

      Finally, there may be a “proper” way to get rid of the top navigation without the style trick.. but i’m not an accomplished Sharepoint dev so cant really help there. Still, i think this is a simple and effective trick. Good luck!

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