PPS 2007 M&A on a Sharepoint farm

July 31, 2009

Earlier this week i had an issue at a client site with PPS and a Sharepoint farm. The site had 2 servers in their Sharepoint farm.

I went in to develop some dashboards and found out that there was a problem using Excel Services reports.. everything else seemed ok. Within Dashboard Designer, the View tab for the Excel services report was unable to display the report. A standard IIS .Net web app error page came up saying “Error in ‘/’ Application”, specifically that ExcelServicesPage.aspx was not found. Luckily i had remote access to the Sharepoint servers so i traced this error down to the following:

  • the Excel Services calculation engine was only installed on one box in the farm (the secondary box)
  • the application was trying to load the Excel Services web part (ExcelServicesPage.aspx) from the server that contained Excel Services.
  • PPS was only installed on the primary server in the farm

To fix this i simply ran the M&A install on the secondary server in the farm. Note that I chose the distributed install and only chose to install the web parts on the secondary server. This worked immediately without a reboot or restart of IIS.



July 31, 2009

So here i finally am with another form of online presence.. a Blog!

There are a number of reason i got off my behind and finally decided to blog. For one i am becoming quite experienced with the Microsoft B.I. suite of products but every time i have a new requirement or new client i find there is more learning to be done. Amongst other sources, other peoples blog posts have been invaluable in working through problems on a range of issues… from deciphering cryptic errors to best practices.

While i do occasionally respond to queries on technet ive decided its high time i did a little more. Accordingly this site is born..